Update sunglasses models that are popular with Vietnamese stars

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Let’s see how Vietnamese stars have updated   for me what hot glasses trends are!

Sunglasses have long become a very close friend of women, because no matter what season, this accessory is also used by most ladies when going out on the street. Like clothes or other accessories, sunglasses also have many outstanding trends, especially this year, a series of extremely impressive glasses such as mirrored glasses or round-rimmed glasses… were born. immediately won the hearts of sophisticated fashionistas.

Sao Viet are quick to update the latest seasonal trends as well as always choose their glasses according to the brands of the world’s leading fashion and eyewear tycoons. Criteria for choosing glasses of Vietnamese stars are also diverse. To thicken their glasses collection, some people still stick to the classic form: aviator glasses over the years have retained their place in the hearts of fashion-loving celebrities. Others choose for themselves those with a slightly slanted cat’s eye shape because of the personality and prominence that the glasses bring. A new trend that is equally popular is mischievous and fashionable glasses with a “teen” style such as mirrored glasses or round-rimmed glasses…. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that Vbiz stars love in the past. this summer.
1. aviator glasses

Pilot glasses, originally designed for the US Air Force, are increasingly “encroaching” on fashion as they become indispensable items for ladies. This summer, besides the classic models, there are modern aviator glasses with a variety of designed frames.

2. Strange-rimmed cat-eye glasses

Becoming a trend from the 50s-60s with the promotion of immortal fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. The classic cat-eye glasses are now transformed, embellished with details such as metallic, using vibrant tones and eye-catching textures to decorate the frame more prominently.

3. Large square-framed glasses

Shaking off the femininity, lightness and strong style is the advantage of oversized glasses for “luxury” girls, because oversized glasses not only increase sun protection but also increase the cold appearance. This year’s fashion season, oversized glasses models have been designed to be softer with plastic frames (instead of thin metal frames) without reducing the inherent sharpness. The frames are designed to be “bold” and thicker, and the lenses are also made with unique and fancy shapes.

4. Mirror glass

Raging on the big and small catwalks, causing a storm for street fashion, luxurious, stylish and stylish mirror glasses can conquer any fastidious fashion “follower”. Not only that, the mirror surface is also suitable for all the glasses mentioned above, from aviator, cat-eye or oversized can be designed on this unique material. It can be said that this type of mirror glass is favored and chosen by many Vietnamese women Vbiz: such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Thanh Hang, Angela Phuong Trinh, Luu Huong Giang…

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