Signboards of braille mica, aluminium, mica and stainless steel

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Making Braille for various types of advertising signboards chosen by many customers. The main materials of advertising braille are usually mica, aluminium, mica, stainless steel.

In addition, people also combine braille with other materials to create quality products. With the creativity of the people who advertise products with high aesthetic and artistic value.

Making braille mica, aluminium, mica, stainless steel of all kinds
“Quán Chay Diệu Hương” Signboard

Since then, with quality signboards, it has attracted many customers, thereby increasing business efficiency. In this article, Freefile would like to introduce information about braille types. Let’s take a look and choose the type of braille that you like.

Advantages of making braille signboards

There are many types of braille used to make braille signboards. Braille is diverse in material, shape, structure and even size. Braille signboard is a high-class signboard and is chosen by many customers.
This product is handmade with no restrictions on shape. Customers can also request at the facilities to make signboards according to the requirements set forth.
Spa Signboard
Braille signboards are suitable for almost any type of business. There are a variety of braille tables. The cost of making signs is also spread, so it is suitable for those who want to own it. Construction time to make braille signboards is quite fast. With small signboards can be completed in 2 to 3 days. With larger tables, we will have time to accommodate customers. We will advise you enthusiastically.

Types of Braille Signs

Braille signage is an extremely versatile advertising product. Braille signboards can be made from one material or combine many types of materials together to form a product. Braille is classified by material, style and is either lighted or unlit.
Making braille mica, aluminium, mica, stainless steel of all kinds
Design and construction to make beautiful glowing lettering signs

– Braille with lights up

Currently, most people use LED lights as braille. The most commonly used type of LED is the 3-ball bulge LED or the 3-ball reflective LED. Almost all large establishments make Braille with lights. For small businesses that do not do business at night, they often use braille without lights.
Making braille mica, aluminium, mica, stainless steel signboards
Aluminium signboard in HCMC

– Braille material

Signboard braille is usually made from one or more different materials. The commonly used materials are stainless steel, alu, mica, etc. Each material has its own advantages. Stainless steel has high durability. Especially stainless steel has a metallic luster that is easy to attract.
Aluminium signboard in HCMC

– Braille model

With more and more modern technical technology, it has helped to somewhat diversify braille types. In addition, ideas and creativity in the advertising industry have created many beautiful braille types. Currently, there are braille models that are popular with customers such as:
  • Shiny stainless steel letters
  • 3D letters alu mica face
  • 3D embossed mica stainless steel letters
  • Heat-painted stainless steel letters
  • Mirror gold stainless steel letters
  • Mica lettering on stainless steel border
Aluminium signboard in HCMC
In addition, there are many other types of different types of letterforms to suit the needs of customers.

 Signboard size

Braille is made at the request of the customer with a size of only a few centimeters for small signs or more than 2 meters for large signs. At FreeFile is ready to meet all types of fonts of all sizes. We are confident in the quality as well as the cost of making signs.

Braille sign making process

The process of making braille signs consists of 3 main stages:
  • Survey and design: With the types of signs that need to be surveyed, staff will come to check and receive the requirements of customers. Then send the received information to the design staff. The design staff will contact the customer to have the best customer drawing.
Aluminium signboard in HCMC
  • Construction stage: When receiving the design drawings that the customer approves, the company will proceed with the construction according to the drawings.
  • Stage of completion and handover of works: when the construction is completed, the staff will check it again and then hand it over to the customer.

Making quality braille signboards at FreeFile

FreeFile is a unit specializing in the production and construction of cheap and quality braille signs. We accept all kinds of signs according to the requirements of customers. Accept construction and installation of light box signs of all kinds. FreeFile accepts to make all kinds of mica light boxes for nationwide delivery. FreeFile is also known as an establishment specializing in the production and distribution of light boxes and signs. So we are confident to have the best price.

Making quality braille signboards at FreeFile
FreeFile accepts to make all kinds of braille advertising signboard boxes mica, aluminium, mica, stainless steel. Specializing in making all kinds of cheap quality glass light boxes. Decoration services, sign making, sign construction provided by FreeFile, high quality production. Wide range of designs, materials and sizes. Our services are cheap, accept all services in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City.
In addition, FreeFile also specializes in providing services, manufacturing and designing products in the advertising industry such as:
+ Making signs, billboards, light boxes as required.
+ Making led board, led matrix, fluorescent board, neon sign.
+ Engraving seals, printing canvas designs, menus, wedding cards.
Currently, there are many companies that have a demand for design and construction of round light boxes. Please contact FreeFile immediately to experience the best services and enjoy preferential prices!
Phone: +84 7079 035 79
Email: hoặc

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