Cheap Round light box in Ho Chi Minh City

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The round light box is a western-style sign that helps customers identify the brand. With a unique and luxurious design, cafes, fashion shops, restaurants, etc., especially use this type of sign.

Cheap round light box in Ho Chi Minh City
Round light box made of mica with decal on the mica face

What is a light box?

It is one of the unique signs that are very popular in Vietnam. The signboard is made of floating mica material, inside is fitted with LED lights to highlight the content written on the mica surface.
The frame of the light box is made of aluminum to help keep the mica part together. Finished products are usually mounted on the wall according to the specified position.
Light boxes of this type, in addition to the round shape, also have shapes such as rectangles, squares, ellipses, …
FreeFile received a quote, cheap construction of a round light box in HCMC
Light box structure
Its sign is divided into 3 basic parts:
  • The light box frame is usually made of aluminum, iron or stainless steel. Shapes and sizes are usually in the range of average diameters of Ø60, Ø70, Ø80, with other sizes depending on the design.
  • The content is made of Mica (Origin from Taiwan, China, Malaysia,..), the Mica surface can be Decal or UV printed depending on the design.

Processing process of round light box

To make it, there will be three steps:

Step 1: Create a frame for the lightbox

Using stainless steel or aluminum material cut by CNC machine, then using a bending machine to form a closed shape.
FreeFile received a quote, cheap construction of a round light box in HCMC

Step 2: Process mica and attach LED lights

Mica is heated by heat, then put into a wooden mold to shape it to resemble the design. Mica shape depends on mold shape. Then, attach the LED to the inside edge of the Mica.
FreeFile received a quote, cheap construction of a round light box in HCMC

Step 3: Assembly and finished products

Fit the Mica and aluminum frame together, forming a circular shape as expected, while the content on the surface can be decal or UV printed.

Benefits of making a light box

  • Reasonable price: Round light box signs made of mica are relatively durable, can be used within 2-3 years
  • Diversity of designs: Signboards have diverse designs such as round, square, rectangular, etc. Luxurious European-style design, fitted with 12V LED lights inside to help attract viewers and increase recognition of brand face
Round light box made of mica with decal on the mica face
  • Energy saving: Because the sign made of Milk Mica has good light penetration, you don’t need too much energy to still produce a sharp and HD product.
  • Change content easily, low cost: For decal stickers on Mica face, changing the content is completely possible, but for UV printing method on Mica face, the content will be beautiful and more durable but difficult to change.

Why should you choose the design and construction service of a round light box at FreeFile?

1. Affordable price

With long-term experience in the advertising industry combined with the application of many modern machinery technologies in production, FreeFile believes that it will satisfy customers with products of the right quality and reputation.
Round light box made of mica with decal on the mica face

2. Professional staff

Enthusiastic, reputable and responsible staff, enthusiastic advice, always listening and friendly to customers. At the same time, with many years of experience in the profession, the product quality is completely guaranteed.

3. Fast, compact processing time, saving time and costs for both parties

FreeFile guarantees the same delivery time as in the contract. The completion of the product has never been late, so customers trust and look forward to a long-term cooperation with FreeFile.
Round light box made of mica with decal on the mica face

4. Warranty period

Up to at least 12 months. If there is any problem during use, the staff will promptly come to support.

Types of signs built in FreeFile

FreeFile constructs many different types to serve customers comfortably and save time when cooperating with us!
  • Make custom signs
  • Make a light box sign
  • Mica sign making
  • Make a Braille sign
  • Making LED signs
Currently, there are many companies that have a demand for design and construction of round light boxes. Please contact FreeFile immediately to experience the best services and enjoy preferential prices!
Phone: +84 7079 035 79
Email: hoặc

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