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What is a business card?

A business card is a small card containing information including: full name, occupation, contact information, personal logo, company, contact address,… In addition, slogans and maxims can be added. individuals and businesses.

Business cards help identify personal and business brands, create a sense of professionalism and shorten the time to ask polite questions such as: Who are you, what position do you hold, what company do you work for?
Cheap and reputable Business card at Freefile
Professional business card

Information written on the Business Card

The main purpose when using business cards is to provide your information to customers. In addition, business cards are also a tool to promote business brands quickly compared to traditional marketing methods such as handing out leaflets, advertising on buses,… Therefore, it can be seen that, an eye-catching and impressive business card is crucial in finding and attracting new customers. A business card should be created according to the following structure:

Logo and Tagline

This is considered one of the two important elements in the Business Card. Logo helps build a business image, while Tagline makes it easy for customers to imprint on customers’ minds.
Professional business card

Name and title

Cheap business card printing design
The name is written on the business card to let customers know who you are, what is your name? Often people will include their title right below the name to distinguish the department in charge.
When you want to contact the person named on the business card, you must know which department the person belongs to to find out detailed information or solve a related problem.


In order for customers to contact you, your business card needs to provide basic information such as: phone number, email, website, company address, …
Cheap business card printing design

Media place

In today’s modern life, almost everyone uses social networks. If new customers are interested in you, they will click on the website listed on the business card to refer to the brochure and learn more about you.
Linking in is good, but do not link too many links, because it will cause confusion for the viewer and lose the inherent aesthetic of a business card. Therefore, before proceeding to make a business card, you need to make up the main content first, then arrange it so that it is easy to see and the speed of information absorption is faster.
Design and print cheap business cards in Ho Chi Minh City

The importance of business cards

Provide necessary information

During the meeting, there are many things to pay attention to, including capturing information about the other party. Business cards help us save time exchanging and saving time having to remember basic information of customers or partners.

Image promotion

The business card contains the business name and logo to help promote the business image quickly. In addition, business cards also increase brand recognition if the design is unique and leaves an impression on the viewer.

Create trust for partners

A well-designed, well-thought-out business card, aligned with the edges and corners, will definitely win the trust of partners and increase the credibility of the business.

Little investment – Long-term effect

Design and print cheap business cards in Ho Chi Minh City

Types of Business Cards available on Freefile

There are many different types of business cards, each shape will depend on the needs of the user.
  • Standard Business Cards
  • Fast Printed Fine Art Paper Business Cards
  • Business Card Plastic Paper: Light thin, waterproof, smooth surface
  • Business Cards Without Lamination
  • Standard Corner Business Card: Specially designed to make a good impression on customers. This type of card is often used in the field of cosmetics, spa, nails, … because customers are mainly women, they often prefer what is pretty and delicate than what looks soft and pretty. If you want to use a business card with rounded corners, it takes time and complexity to process
  • Embossed Business Cards: Use couches 300 or fine art paper to create templates, then use metallographic technology according to product requirements. This type of card is often used by business people because it shows their class and helps attract the attention of customers
  • Embossed/Sink Business Cards
  • Highlight Business Cards
  • Fast Print Digital Business Cards: Faster time because there is no need to make templates
  • Round Business Card
  • Square Business Cards
  • Oval Business Card
  • Square Business Cards
  • Double Business Cards
  • New Business Card Template Set

Where do good business cards?

Are you having a headache when you do not know where to choose a quality card? Are you afraid the card will not be as beautiful as you expected? Want to have the finished product quickly and cheaply? Please contact Freefile.
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Freefile is your expert!

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